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Anonymous asked: (Diff anon) but why don't vegans not eat eggs. Cause chickens don't die from having eggs.. Or milk.


They do die.

Male chicks are ground up alive on day one because they are useless to the industry.


Those who aren’t, are gassed to death or suffocated under piles of other chicks in plastic bags.


200 million male chicks are grounded up alive or suffocated in plastic bags, not for meat, but for EGGS.  And yes, this happens to free-range hens too. In fact I still have an email where a famous free-range farm in this country - England - (you’ve seen them on tv, the Happy Eggs company), admit that they kill their useless male chicks too, by gassing them to death, where it can take over ten minutes to die.  Not only are eggs unnecessary and full of cholestrol, but consuming them means you are directly responsible for these animals being shredded alive on their first day on earth. Now you know, what will YOU do?


All farms kill the males that they don’t use for stud because it is not financially viable to keep them alive when they are no use to the industry. They do not lay eggs, nor are they ‘fatty’ enough to be raised as meat. So they’re killed. They can’t even just be rehomed because nobody wants loud, noisy roosters who ‘give nothing back’ to their owners in the way of eggs.

Once a hen has finished her laying cycle, she too is killed. And again, all egg industries do this. I even got proof from the UK’s most popular and ‘famous’ egg company.

Male calves and surplus females are also killed. Males serve no purpose, so they are raised as veal, if not just killed outright.

Cows, like every other female animal, need to be pregnant and then give birth in order to lactate (produce milk). So she carries her baby around for 9 months, and then he is removed from her shortly after birth so he doesn’t drink all the profits. If he’s a boy, he’s disposed of in the methods mentioned above. If she’s a girl, she’ll be raised as a reproductive prisoner like her mother was, until she can no longer have babies and produce enough milk, so she is killed for cheap meat.

Within 24 hours of birth, her baby will be removed from her. Cows become so distressed that they will try and escape their paddocks to find their babies, and even disturb nearby residents with their heartbroken cries of grief. If the baby is a male, he might rarely be kept as a breeding stud, but otherwise he will be killed straight away, or raised for veal. In places like Europe, calves aren’t allowed to be put into those little sheds that you see in America and places. However their existence is little better, as they are instead all put into a pen and they are still killed as babies. 


Dairy cows are on average, killed at age 4. Many are disabled and badly suffering before death. Downers are so common - I even saw downers on Open Days at colleges I visited. Downers are cows who cannot get up, are very lame and end up hopping or dragging themselves around. Their udders - swollen and genetically modified to hold x10 the amount of milk they should - certainly don’t help matters. Cows that can’t walk or are downers can’t legally be entered in the food chain, but they still are. Animals who can’t walk to their deaths are dragged, literally. 


Downed cows are often ‘encouraged’ to move by slapping, kicking, jumping on them, pulled round the neck with a rope and dragged, stabbed or shunted by fork trucks, etc. There is a HUGE difference might I add between someone shoving/pushing/urging a cow to stand, and someone literally dragging her by the neck or stomping on her.


Learn more about the dairy industry and the treatment of its animals here.

The dairy and egg industries ARE the meat industries.


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